Wifi not working on a laptop?: Possible problems and troubleshooting ways

Wifi not working on a laptop?: Possible problems and troubleshooting ways
Wifi not working on a laptop?: Possible problems and troubleshooting ways

Do laptops and other mobile devices need oxygen for efficient working? Sounds ridiculous, we are talking about the Wifi. As humans, we can not survive without oxygen; similarly, mobile devices can not survive without a long time battery and Wifi. We have entered the era of IoT and smart homes. Now we have to control various applications with our mobile devices, and it is not possible without Wifi. So, are you facing the problem of Wifi not working on a laptop?: Possible problems and troubleshooting ways, you need knowledge of these problems to make your mobile device work efficiently anywhere and at any time. Someone has substantially quoted, 

“Faith is like Wifi. It is invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need.” 

So, it’s crucial to have the internet all the time in this fast-paced world. Here we will discuss problems and then solutions to these problems. 

Possible problems for Wifi not working on laptop

There are many factors because of which Wifi not working on laptop. Here we have listed down all possible problems of Wifi. 

Enable Wifi from device 

You can connect the internet to a laptop in three ways. The number one is you can connect it through LAN; the other is through clicking on wireless and networks and then connecting to the available wireless network. Still, Wifi not working on laptop? Then it must be the problem of enabling it on the device. Yes, the modern laptops available with a Wifi enabling button. Sometimes, accidentally we switch it off, and Wifi stops working. So, if you are having a problem with the internet, then there can be a problem with the proper connection. 

Set up the wireless home network

Our mobile devices can connect to the various wireless networks if and only if we enter the correct SSID. The service set identifier shows us all the available wireless home networks. Sometimes our neighbors and our wireless home network are on default credentials. And, we accidentally connected to that far away deployed home network. Connection to wireless connection in this scenario provides weak signal strenth to the laptop. So, go to the settings if the laptop and look for wireless and internet settings and connect to the right wireless home network. 

Do you know that if the number of users increases on a wireless home network, it weakens the strength of the signals? So, always choose secure SSID, so it may not get hacked. Sometimes, our wireless home network is in access to many users, and that is why Wifi not working on a laptop. 

Problem of ISP 

If the internet not working on a laptop, then before looking for any other solution, firstly check whether the modem or router is working fine or not. Sometimes there can be a problem of the internet service provider or NISP (national internet service provider). The problem in the router led to a poor internet connection. There are many factors due to which the router not working correctly. It includes faulty and cheap quality cable connections. The flawed router set-up also makes the wireless connection unavailable to your laptop. The router must reboot after some time. Moreover, if you disconnect your router at night when you are not using the internet, it can boost your wireless network strength.

Do you know wireless signals or electromagnetic fields warm the body tissues? Overheating of human tissues can be harmful, so to reduce the health issues and for the robust internet, try to switch off the router at night. It will increase the signal strength the next day, and your laptop will connect to the internet more efficiently.

Restart the laptop 

It sounds simple, but yes, it works. If all the solutions mentioned above are not helping you to connect your laptop with the internet, then simply shut down your laptop. Restarting your computer refreshes the device and internet connection as well. Moreover, sometimes there are some firewalls with secure security settings, unable the laptop from connecting to the internet. So, restarting the laptop and switching off that firewalls again connect your laptop with the wireless home network. If still the Wifi not working on a laptop, then hard reset the laptop. 

Network drivers 

If by applying all the solutions mentioned above, still Wifi not working on a laptop, then look for the network drivers. Installing the latest network drivers can also solve the issue of Wifi on a laptop. Here are some simple steps by which you can install network drivers on your network adapter. 

  • Before locating and downloading the network driver for your network adapter, we would recommend you to get it from an authentic source. The Netgear, Dell, HP, and Linksys provides you with the best network driver. 
  • Go to the “Windows Device manager.”
  • In the settings, look for the wireless network adapter and delete the previous network driver. 
  • Now install the new executable file of network driver downloaded from the authentic source. 
  • After installation, reboot the laptop. Now, Wifi on your laptop will start working. 

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