Sustainable Technology: Need of the hour

sustainable technology
sustainable technology

Where technology makes our life easier and comfortable, is it also main reasons for the destruction of nature. It fills the air we breathe with pollution and severe intoxicants that are very harmful to the human body. The temperature of the earth is rising day by day. And a major chunk of responsibility goes to new and advanced technology. As we are advancing in technology, saving and keeping nature in the original state is also becoming one of the greatest concerns of society. Technology at the cost of Mother Nature is a very huge price to pay. In circumstances like the ones we live in today, it is important to be be conscious of our technology footprint. With sustainable technology, it is possible. Sustainable technology is now the need of the hour.

What is Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology is that type of technology that works without any harmful effect on nature. Or raising the global temperature of the earth. With the amount of E waste increasing each day, sustainable technology is need of hour.  The concept of sustainable technology comes from the term sustainability. Which means the coexistence of things without harming each other. It is a system where the ecosystem works and grows harmlessly in collaboration with another ecosystem around it.

The Goal of Sustainable Technology

Saving the Earth is a very broad domain. Yes, that is the ultimate goal of every environmentally driven project. But how to achieve that goal. Dividing a huge goal into small achievable goals is a very effective way to approach a problem. When talking about saving Earth through sustainable technology, it is important we break the problem down. What is the goal of sustainable technology? Broadly speaking it can be divided in three categories:


The first and main goal of sustainable technology is health. To protect all the people on earth from harmful pollution and toxic materials.  With ever growing technology, E waste in landfills is a major problem which is causing to everyone alive. The harmful toxins in technology are released in soil and air which are consumed by humans and animals alike. Not only that it seeps into vegetation through water and effects whoever consumes it. Sustainable technology is aimed to make existing technology more recyclable,  reusable and overall less toxic.


One of the main purposes of paying such heed to sustainable technology is the safety of the ecosystem. One recent study by Australian researchers have found that young people are growing “horns” on the back of their heads. Pretty cool, right? NO! the horn like bone is because of constantly bending on our mobile phones.  Not only humans, bees are also affected by the technology we make and consume. A study was conducted in Switzerland where a series of 83 experiments were conducted. The study found that signals from mobile phones not only confuse bees but also kill them.  Bees are the main source of natural pollination which is responsible for production of fruits  and vegetation. In absence of bees, we’d be loosing our major supplies of fruits and veggies. or to make such technology that is no longer effective or is harmful to our ecosystem.


One of the main manifestos of sustainable technology is “reduce, reuse and recycle”. To enable us to reduce the use of resources as much as possible and decrease the rate of extinction. How is resource and extinction related, you ask. The more resources go into making technology, the lesser remain for human. Extinction is dependent on  a lot of factors which we are not going to discuss here. natural materials like steel, cobalt go into the making of laptop and phone batteries. When we up-cycle and recycle our technology, we play a collectively huge part in saving Earth. We save money by reducing manufacturing costs. This helps the economy on huge scales.

Some Faces of Sustainable Technology


Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is one of the main and never-ending sources of renewable and sustainable energy. Some countries start to adopt this method of producing energy. Even though it’s a relatively challenging way of harvesting clean energy but it is a viable solution.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is also one of the forms of producing clean and sufficient energy. Progressive countries have adopted this way of harvesting energy . Which is not only helping their economy grow but is also making their Earth cleaner. Setting up wind turbines requires a lot of land and is most suitable for places near the sea. Lots of scientific planning goes into setting up in harvesting this energy but it is definitely fruitful and rewarding. Both for country’s economy and Earth


Nanotechnology is also playing a role in producing sustainable technology. In this technology basically, the atoms and molecules are manipulated to work. nano-tech packs the same features as any laptop or mobile in smaller sizes. This helps reduce the manufacturing cost, the resources that go into making and the carbon footprint of the article.

Conclusion and Future

From all the above discussion it is clear that sustainable technology is mandatory for us. It is very necessary for us and the future generations as well.  We hope that future holds greener solutions for us. From both manufacturers’ and consumers’ point of view.

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