Fixing MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10

How to fix the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10
How to fix the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10

Have you encountered the problem of your PC ran into a problem and needed to restart? The appearance of the blue screen might be an alarming indication. In windows 10, the Memory Management BSOD can be frustrating. But thanks to Windows 10 that this issue can get resolved in a few minutes. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT must be done efficiently to boost the performance of applications and all Are you also one of those who are looking everywhere for How to fix the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10. Here are some easy methods by which you can fix this issue. 

Fix faulting drivers 

If you have started seeing the unusual blue screen on your laptop, then you can fix this issue by using the driver verifier. It not only examines the unusual behavior of drivers but also highlights the specific error which needs to be fixed to resolve the issue of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10. The driver verifier examines the errors during the Driver code’s execution. Fortunately, this manager is built-in on Pcs having windows as an operating system. If you want to utilize the driver verifier manager for fixing the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error, then simply use its command in command prompt. You can easily configure your drivers, and then the unusual blue screen messages will get fixed. 

Boot into Safe mode 

If you ever see the blue screen and showing the memory management error, then restart your Pc. But still, if there is an error, then run the windows in minimal system requirements, and a boot can achieve that in safe mode. To initiate the safe mode, go to settings, and look for the update and security option. In the window of update and security, select the option of recovery and then boot to maintenance code by initiating the advanced startup. It will show you an option of trouble shoot, select that then go to advanced options, and choose the startup settings.

After performing all these steps go for the restart. You can also initiate the boot mode by pressing long the F8 key on boot. It will take you to safe mode, and then you can select options to fix the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error 0x0000001A in Windows 10.

Update windows 

Sometimes we do not look for the system patches. Windows update comes periodically, and if we do not update them on time, then unexpected errors like memory management occur. So, we advise you to update the windows on time. For this press the Windows button, then type the windows settings. In the widow’s settings, find the option of update and security. In update and security window, look for the option of windows update and click on pending updates. Before updating the pending update, we will suggest you to save your essential files. Now, select the pending update and restart the system. Your system will reboot many times during this process. After updating the windows, errors will get removed.

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