Things to lookout for while buying refurbished laptops

Refurbished laptops
Refurbished laptops

Laptops have become a common need for everyone. be it in the field of business, technology or academia, a good machine is very necessary. Machines are being updated almost every other month and with that, people feel the need to upgrade. This excessive use of machines, that are replaced after every few months causes E-waste. While the idea of having updated technology that matches your need is great, it is also very costly. In that case people opt for used or refurbished laptops. But there are factors to consider while buying refurbished laptops. The question is, what things?

Reason for buying refurbished laptop

Laptops are a huge investment no matter what field of life you are in. Refurbished laptops are an even more great investment. Why? Well, one of the major reason is that they save you a lot of money. Refurbished laptops are almost as good as new but with much cheaper price tag. Most people buy refurbished tech just because of money. Well, money is not the only factor that’s worth mentioning here. When you buy a refurbished laptop, you go for environmental friendly solutions. The parts are recycled and replaced, this creates less waste and save mother Earth!


Because of the detour to the laptop spa, refurbished laptops are in much better condition then used laptops. In a refurbished laptop, face-plates, buttons and any other component that is not in a good working condition. In a used laptop, that part is not bothered at all. The purpose of the refurbished laptop is to make it look as good as new. Which is done so!


Another very important reason for buying refurbished laptops is that the source of laptop is authentic. Companies like Dell and Apple have their licensed vendors that are authorized to sell refurbished laptops.

Difference between used and refurbished laptops

Unlike common misconceptions, refurbished technology is NOT used technology. There are some major differences that draw a fine line between the two. Buying brand new tech is the safest and probably the easiest solution. But if you are on a budget and looking to steal a deal then refurbished laptops are a great option. Not only do they cut cost while serving purpose, they also ensure that you have quality experience.

No uninvited guests

The major difference that makes refurbished laptops way more great than used laptops is that it down’t come with embedded bugs. In case of used laptops, if the previous laptop had virus, it most probably won’t be removed. If there was a bug on the software or hardware, it is handed down to you. While in case of refurbished laptops, those things are dealt with before putting for sale. And not just dealt with by anyone. But from professionals. Refurbished laptops are sold by a number of hand picked vendors that are experts in fixing problems in laptops.


A very unlikely thing in case of used laptops is the warranty. Another defining difference between the two is that refurbished laptops come with a warranty. Refurbished laptops go through a series of professional tests and repairs to be marked safe for usage. You don’t find that in used laptops, do you?!

The difference between a new and refurbished laptop is that refurbished is almost as good as new. But with more years. And the difference between refurbished and used is that refurbished is guaranteed safe while used is not.


If you have money restrictions or you’re simply sane enough to opt for a productive yet cheap option, then refurbished laptops are your go to. To know more about laptop reviews, head over to our website where we share our love for tech with you.

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