Precautions you must follow while cleaning a laptop

Precautions you must follow while cleaning a laptop
Precautions you must follow while cleaning a laptop

Have you ever felt the jet engine start, on laptop startup? If so, then it means dust and dirt stuck in your laptop fan. Stuck dirt is an obstacle in the proper cooling of fans and hence makes the laptop inactive and slow. So, there is always a need to clean your laptop. But as its a smart gadget and you can not, and you should not clean it like you clean your desk. So, here are some precautions you must follow while cleaning a laptop. Do you know touchpad is 20,000 times more dirtier than a toilet seat?? Only cleaning? We suggest that there is a need to disinfecting your laptop as well. Also, per square inch, there are 3,543,000 bacteria on your keyboard. But while disinfecting and cleaning, you must perform the below-mentioned steps.

Choose the right cleaner

The world is suffering from coronavirus nowadays. Worried about germs on your laptop. It is an excellent approach to clean your laptop or disinfect it but choose the right cleaner. Many of us use the glass cleaner to clean the laptop LCD or Windex. You must choose the right cleanser and always clean with a microfiber cloth. Never use the disinfecting wipes on your laptop screen as active ingredients in a laptop can damage your screen. The glare-causing film appears on your laptop screen if you clean it with solutions containing methyl chloride, ethyl acid, ethyl alcohol, and ammonia. Here is the step by step explanation of precautions you must follow while cleaning a laptop.

Dust blower

Before you plan to clean your laptop with a sanitizer or liquid cleanser, make sure to blow dust from the laptop. Firstly, remove the visible dirt so that it might not get stuck in the keyboard because of the liquid cleaner. It also helps you to clean the crannies and nooks in no time. If you want to clean it more precisely, then use compressed air.

Alcohol—be cautious

Although, Isopropyl alcohol not as a registered disinfectant but a good cleaner. Hey, wait! Its only good for glass surfaces. If you have seen any stuff regarding cleaning your laptop with alcohol, then it is totally wrong. Never use the alcohol directly or the solutions containing alcohol for cleaning your laptop. In the past, it was good to clean a laptop with alcohol, but new laptop surfaces have coatings which affected if they use the ammonia and alcohol-based products.

The right method to clean your laptop

Follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to clean your laptops in the right way.

  • Turn your laptop down before cleaning.
  • Always clean the laptop when it is in optimal condition
  • Applying solutions on hot screens cause it to evaporate and also leaves scratches
  • Never apply the solution directly on the screen, spray (alcohol and ammonia-free solution) it on microfibre cloth, make it a wipe, and then wipe the laptop’s surface gently.
  • After rubbing gently, let it dry for some time, and here is your shinning laptop screen.

Care for laptop

Laptops break faster and also need more maintenance as compared to desktop. Take care of little things, like not exposing them in the dust and pressure on the lid. It is expensive and hard to repair laptops. Choosing the wrong method for cleaning a laptop can damage the small parts, making the overall laptop performance slow. So, clean with a good liquid solution and remove dust gently from the laptop so it might not get stuck in keys and ports. Removing sticky stuff and oil marks is challenging so before removing these, do not forget to unplug the charger or off the laptop. Try not to wipe too hard and in circles as it can leave stains. Moreover, do not use water alone to remove stains from keyboard and lid, it will led to scratches. Use high quality cleaners and the right methods for cleaning your laptop.

Buymelaptops not only help you in figure out what are the actual problems but also suggest the best solutions. Following the above tips, you can set the best care plan for your laptop. If you have some better suggestions other than that, contact us.


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