How to fix a bad laptop mouse touchpad?

How to fix a bad laptop mouse touchpad?
How to fix a bad laptop mouse touchpad?

Laptops used widely mainly because of the built-in mouse and keyboard. Remember the time when to deploy the desktop, there were several input devices, and it was also challenging to move. Now there is an era of laptops and tablets where it is easy to move to any place and do work at any time. Before we switch to how to fix a bad laptop mouse touchpad? Let’s compare the benefits of touchpad over the mouse.

Touchpad Vs. mouse 

In desktop PCs, there is an attached mouse with the wire giving you the maximum area or space to move the cursor. Contrary to this, the touchpad gives you a tough time while moving the cursor. Moreover, the touchpad also gets hang when accidentally the palm touch on the invisible switch mode button on the “top left corner” of the touchpad. So, here we are going to explain the ways by which you can find the reasons behind the bad working of the touchpad. And also, How to fix a bad laptop mouse touchpad? 


If the touchpad stops working or fluctuating while using, then first check for any pressed keys. Sometimes, there are issues of keys that accidentally pressed, and we do not have an idea about them. If this is the case, press CTRL+fn+alt+del, and it will refresh the keys of the keyboard. Still, if the issue not gets fixed, then look for the hardware troubleshooter. If you want to find the unknown touchpad issues, then the windows troubleshooter is the best option. 

Here we are going to explain how you can troubleshoot your hardware by using the windows of hardware troubleshooter. Press the Windows button and look for the control. In the control panel window, look for the option of system and security, the first left setting. After going in the window of system and security, look for the option of maintenance and security and then for configuring the device. In the configuring window, there will be an option for the troubleshooting. Click on the troubleshooter and press next. It will look for all the hidden issues and then troubleshoot the touch pad. If there are still issues, then go for the second option we are going to explain below. 

Mouse settings 

Sometimes, there is an issue of mouse settings that cursor is acting randomly. To look for the mouse settings, press the windows button, and go to the control panel. In the control panel, there will be an option of device and printers. It will be showing different options such as add a device, add printer setting, mouse and device manager, etc. Click on the mouse option and edit the mouse properties. Here you can adjust the mouse settings. If the cursor is moving too fast or too slow, you can modify it here easily. Moreover, if the external mouse attached, then the touchpad also stops working, so can disable that option here too. It is one of the best options for changing the settings or to make it better if not working properly. 

Touchpad switch 

As we explained at the start, sometimes the switch is off. So, you can turn it on by pressing the fn button and looking for the physical device button between the f9 to f12. Reactivate the touchpad of your laptop by pressing the fn and touchpad function key, which could be any between the f9 to f12. You can also reactivate it by looking for the minute (small) led on the top left corner of the touchpad. Continuously tap on that led for two to three times to reactive the touchpad. Now it will work fine. 

Drivers update 

The touch pad issues are also linked with the drivers updates. We also recommend to update the drivers even if the touchpad is working fine not to indulge in future problems. Simply, press the windows icon button and look for device manager. In the device manager tap on the mice and other pointing devices settings. Right click on the touch pad press the update driver software, it will update the touch pad driver software in few minutes if you have the good quality stable internet. But if it is not getting updated then uninstall the previous driver and download the newer one from any browser compatible with your laptop model. Before, installing the new driver software do not forget to uninstall the previous one.


There are many ways by which you can fix a bad touchpad. Some we have explained, and others are, you can fix it by checking for BIOS settings, reinstalling, and updating the touchpad drivers. Buymelaptops look for every issue of laptops and comes up with the simple and best solutions. For any queries or looking for help for the laptop’s software and hardware issue, contact us. We have solution for every Common laptop issues and their solutions.


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