How to extend the battery life of your laptop?

How to extend the battery life of your laptop?
How to extend the battery life of your laptop?

Are you fed up with making your laptop prisoner of a charger? Always a question pop up in your mind that how to extend the battery life of your laptop? If this is the case, then you are on the right place to resolve the battery issues of your laptop. Here we are going to suggest all those methods which would answer you regarding how to extend the battery life of your laptop?

Update settings

Nowadays, we always connect to our wifi for live streaming and browsing. Moreover, connecting to Bluetooth for filesharing and then forgot to switch it off also a battery sucker. So, take care of these things and check for power settings on and off and update them. As we are talking about how to extend the battery life of your laptop? So, always choose windows 10 as an operating system because it gives you versatile options for power-saving. Simply look for the power options in the search bar and update the power saver mode. It will close all the unused applications and will save the battery of your laptop. Less burden on your laptop of unused apps will keep your battery robust and will extend the battery life of your laptop.

Empty your port/slots and disc drives

Do you know when we plug in USBs in the car their battery drains off? Similar is the case with the laptops. If you do not remove the USBs after getting or transferring the data, it sucks your battery power. Moreover, disks spinned in disk drives can also empty your laptop battery. So, take care of these little things. Nowadays, modern laptops do not have disk drives. But if your laptop is outdated and you also use disk drives, then check for this always to extend the battery life of your laptop.


One of the most common reasons behind the death of your laptop battery is overcharging. We put our laptops on charging overnight. Overcharging the battery not only makes it inactive but also can lead to an explosion. Moreover, if your battery is below 20%, then plug in the charger as if not it keeps on putting pressure on the battery. According to Li-ion discharge voltage curve, battery energy depletes, and it starts to get low continuously. There is one other sign that your battery is going to die soon is its instant charge and discharge. If this is happening, then make sure to replace it as soon as possible.

Turn off the graphical effects

If you want to make the laptop’s battery efficient, then disable the features you are not using on the laptop. Some people have the habit of checking the box while the installation of any app that it would start on laptop boot. It’s not the right approach. Again we would say that it will put pressure on your laptop battery and will decrease the life span. So, turn off the graphical effects and turn on the long lifetime of your laptop battery.

Portable laptop battery chargers

To compete with this modern world demands, we have to work 24/7. Moreover, if you are a student, then what you would do if you have to move around in different university departments. So, you need the best portable battery charger. In the market, there are many portable laptop battery chargers available but always invest in the best. Cheap chargers can affect your battery. So, always look for eight cells or more cell chargers to double your battery and to use laptops at anywhere.

Display settings and peripherals

Turning off the peripherals and changing the display settings can also increase the life span of your laptop’s battery. Motherboard gives power to USB ports, so turning off saves power. Moreover, if you have a laptop with a built-in webcam. And it starts up on boot; then it can also drain your battery. Go to settings and turn it off if not using. Also, make sure your mailbox does not get open on startup. By following these simple things, you can save your battery and can increase its life.

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