Common laptop issues and their solutions

Common laptop issues and their solutions
Common laptop issues and their solutions

The magic of technology is all-time easy access. We have made ourselves prisoners of technology. Being a prisoner is good and evil in its regards. For example, if you are continuously using the internet and mobile devices to explore or to grow your business, then it is good. Moreover, if you are also using the tech to secure any organization, to bring innovations in the health and industrial sector, then the magic of technology will make everyone’s life easier. But if the technology is helping in espionage and sabotage, then it is no other than a black magic spell. Similarly, we are bound to our mobile devices to connect to the world and to carry out our daily tasks. Everything comes with the flaws, so here we will highlight the common laptop issues and their solutions.  

Technological convergence 

The portable devices industry is under the influence of the technological convergence of laptops. Yes, the laptops, when originated, brought convenience in the lives of humans by combining the features of several individual devices. This combination of features of all the devices in one device is mobility and inauguration of the smart world. Laptops have become our digital partner, and any obstacles in their usage can paralyze our life. That is why there is a need to address the issue of common laptop issues and their solutions. 

Fast battery drainage 

One of the most noticed problems in laptops is fast battery drainage. Is your laptop is the prisoner of charger?. If so, then what is the difference between laptop and desktop. You feel irritated to carry a laptop and charger all the time. Moreover, there will be no ease of task if there is fast battery drainage. This problem initiates when you charge your laptop when it is discharged completely or overcharging of laptop damages battery. Lithium-ion batteries after usage of specific time like one year become ineffective and need to be replaced. If you are facing the fast drainage battery problem, then you must renew it immediately, as the poor battery performance laptops also affect the overall performance of laptops. 

Laptop crashes 

There are several problems due to which laptop system crashes. The most common reasons behind crashes are faulty hardware, corrupted driver, overheating, and damaged system. If continuously, your laptop stops working or shows performance, then troubleshoot it. You can troubleshoot it by a boot in safe mode and running system file checker. You can also make your laptop operating system effective by rebooting it and updating drivers. Checking for the things like properly ventilated fans proper working and cleaning the laptop case boost the laptop’s performance. 

Antiviruses software 

Most of the time, the reason behind the bad performance of laptops is not installing the anti-viruses. The interruption of malicious software and programs crashes the laptop systems. So, installing anti-virus software kills all the unnecessary programs and processes. Do you know that deadlocks and too much-waiting programs can affect the operating system’s performance? Hence, process handling and installation of anti-virus software must be done for robust laptop performance. Sometimes installing the anti-viruses which check for every process can also slow down the performance. So, install that software that does not affect the network traffic by strict rules and scalability maintained on laptops.

Keyboard replacement

The laptop bad keyboard problem started when we did not keep it properly clean. Sometimes any liquid spill on the laptop, and it was also on charge; then, there are chances of proper damage to the keyboard. If accidentally any liquid spill on the laptop and it’s on charging, unplug it. After unplugging the charger, use the dryer to dry the keys of the keyboard, then keep it shut down for some time. If still keyboard not working, then replace it. 


The tasks performed on a laptop like video streaming and gaming needs proper heat management. Even the pro gammers prefer to use the laptop cooling pads with the laptop to manage the overheating. It is mainly because overheating can slow down the performance and can also damage the laptop parts. The dust stuck in the fans also lead to overheating of laptops and ultimately damaging battery and vents. Always, look for the bigger vents laptops if you have to perform the high end tasks on laptops. Moreover, try to clean the laptop surfaces on and off, with clean cloth and blower if possible. There is also one other reason for the overheating of laptops and that is missing of Sytems BIOS update. Always check for these updates and if you have the laptops with the automatic BIOS update then make sure to connect it to power supply while updating.

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