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In these time, every work is done through computers. No matter which industry you work in, the need for an appropriate system is undeniable. Many people prefer using a desktop for their work but some people prefer laptops.  Especially the people who are moving about a lot. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, having your portable working system with you has a become a need. It helps you keep your data organized and accessible. People working in different industries have different preferences when it comes to laptops. A laptop that works best for a programmer might not be suitable for a businessman. So what laptop should you choose While the industry has a lot of options, we are focusing on a small window. This article addresses the factors you need to look in to buy best Lenovo laptops.

Ranging from programming, graphic design, student budget and business, this article is your one stop to know it all.

Best Lenovo laptop for Programming

Programming is considered to be game of mind. Which is true in almost all the senses. But there are some other things to consider while beginning your journey on programming. Software is not the only requirement when it comes to coding. A lot of other factors like Analytical thinking and hardware requirements that are of value to consider. But what hardware requirements should you consider. Fret not, for we have entailed the details that will help you buy best lenovo laptops for programming.

One of your best bet is Lenovo ThinkPad E570  if you want something relatively cheap but with full utility.  Priced at around a 1000$, the laptop is packed with 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD  and 1TB HDD. The processor is something that makes it a perfect fit for programming. With a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, this laptop has a 1000 GB hybrid_drive. While this information might suffice some, sleekness is another thing a lot of people prefer. The screen size of this machine is 15.6 inches. With a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and a Graphic Processor of Intel HD Graphics 620, this is a great laptop for game programming.

If you work as a full-stack programmer, then this machine is perfect. The combination of Intel i5 processor and DDR4 12 GB Ram allows this laptop to handle application development, Hadoop programming including games or android coding.

Best Lenovo laptop for Graphic Design

Lenovo is understood as a normal functioning laptop with not a lot of facilities. But Lenovo Yoga C930 is here to set the record straight. Before we entail the details of this model, there are somethings you need to understand before you buy a laptop. The first thing you should be clear on is the intent of buying the laptop. The laptop you need and the laptop you buy can be two totally different things. If you don’t define the intend purpose of your laptop, you might end up buying one that doesn’t meet your requirements. No matter how amazing that laptop is, if it doesn’t meet your requirements, it is useless. The second thing you should ask yourself is the budget. How much money are you willing to spend. This analysis swill help you understand whether you even need to spend that amount of money or not.

Picking up where we left off. Why Lenovo Yoga C930 is best for graphic designing. Here’s why: It is intel i7 with 12GB DDr4. Not only that,  it has 13.9″ FHD Touch-Screen with a 512GB PCIe SSD. And why is it best for Graphic Designing? This beauty priced at 1,109.99$ comes with an Active Pen and weighs only 3 lbs. Once you get this machine, it’s over for others! 

Best Lenovo laptop for students

The best thing about Lenovo is it ability to fit everyone’s needs. We have mentioned the best model it offers for programming and Graphic Design. But what about students? If you are getting in college and need a laptop to work at, you must be exploring your options. You might want something that’s not too expensive and yet does the job. We get that. College assignments can be a pain in the neck and having a portable system with you at home is very necessary.

If you are a student and looking to buy a laptop, you need to be clear on somethings. Which we, by the way, have explained in the above paragraph. But just to give you an overview, you need three factors to consider. One is your utility. If you only have to use Microsoft Office on your laptop, then it’s a no biggie. If you are looking forward to use it for advanced software, you’ll need a utility analysis. After utility, budget is your next mountain to conquer. After that, portability. With all three factors in mind, you begin your search. And we are here to help you with that.

A budget friendly Lenovo laptop is Lenovo Yoga 730. The laptop is priced around 700$ with an intel i5 core. 8 Gb RAM and 256 GB SSD makes it a very good option to meet your college needs. If this looks like a little low spec for you, you might want to have a look at Lenovo Flex 5, which is a high performance laptop with a 16GB RAM and 1TB GDD. The laptop costs a less than Lenovo Yoga 730 and starts from 350$.

Wrap it up

There are a couple more factors that you need to consider while planning to buy a laptop. All of which depends on your intended use, budget range and portability. These suggestions are generic and might differ for every individual. This might tell you somethings to consider when you setoff to buy best lenovo laptops but not all of them. Make sure to be clear on what you want from the laptop and narrow down your options one by one.

If you have want to read more such insightful articles or have any questions, hit us up and we’ll get back to you.




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